Mr. Mainstream MMA: Georges St-Pierre

Shari Spencer, St. Pierre’s Las Vegas based manager has recently gave the inside information on GSP becoming “mainstream”.

Spencer, speaking with

“I didn’t make a lot of friends in the beginning when I was turning down a lot of the fight specific brands, but I really saw from the beginning when I started working with Georges, that he had the potential to transcend the sport ala Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.”

“It was a very intentional strategy to stay away from fight specific brands and then start to cultivate relationships with brands that were broader than the sport. Even with someone as marketable as Georges, it was still quite a challenge. Just because of the nature of the sport in the mainstream marketplace.”

“I definitely think it’s a stamp of credibility that the mainstream brands provide. They represent an acceptance that it’s okay to affiliate your brand with an athlete that participates in this sport, and you’re not going to lose the soccer moms, you’re not going to offend the rest of your constituents.”

“It took a bit for the first one to step up, but now there seems to be some momentum in that area. We’re about to announce another partnership between now and the fight, not sure exactly when we’re going to announce it, but it’s another brand that’s broader than the sport. It’s affiliated with other iconic athletes from various sports so we’re really excited about that one as well.”

As for St. Pierre’s take on his growing legacy inside the Octagon, GSP siad:

“I want to be known when I retire as a guy that makes the difference. Not only the guy who’s good inside the Octagon, but also the guy who made the difference in the sport that made it go mainstream.”

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