MMA Expo: MMA Referee Cerification Seminars for Referees and Judges

MMA Expo Presents:
MMA Referee Cerification Seminars for Referees and Judges
Presented by International MMA Official Marc Fennell

Invest just one weekend of training to begin your career as a Mixed Martial Arts Referee or Judge. Already an official? Refine your current skills and be even better prepared for the booming business of MMA.

Here’s your opportunity to become a sought-after MMA Referee or Judge.

The demand for experienced referees and judges is increasing exponentially as a result of the explosion of MMA across North America and beyond. And as the level competition in the sport increases promoters, fighters and fans are calling for better-educated MMA officials at their events. Take the in-depth 2 1/2 day MMARCS seminar with International MMA Official, Marc Fennell, and use the knowledge gained for events you work as a MMA Referee or Judge.

Marc Fennell is one of the most experienced international MMA referees having officiated at hundreds of cage fights throughout Canada, Costa Rica and the Midwest USA, including UFC 90 in Chicago. His comprehensive MMARCS course includes all the key topics you need in your arsenal as an MMA official including: pre-fight and post-fight responsibilities, rules, fouls, in-cage positioning, mechanics and much more.

Not only will you learn how to be a competent referee or judge but most importantly you will understand how to perform these tasks with consistency and confidence while keeping fighter safety in mind.

MMARCS comprises two important elements:

•Instructional Sessions: detailed information in a classroom setting vital to taking your first steps to becoming a qualified official.

•Hands-on Sessions: the opportunity to referee and judge simulated bouts (sparring sessions) with skilled fighters in a live session.

Dan Severn – UFC Hall of Famer and MMA Fight Promoter
Why fighters should attend:

Marc is more than just a referee. He has acquired actual hands on experience training, and sparring to add to his background. He knows the physical limitations of the human body and what an athlete can and cannot endure. He is a true fighters referee that every promotion would be fortunate to have. I know this seminar is aimed primarily at judges and referee’s, but I believe it would greatly improve any fighters game as they will understand what the referee and judges are looking for and how they are scoring each round. This could very well be the information that would ensure you victory in a very close contest.

Mark Porlier – President/CEO – Brutal Athletics
Marc was such an inspiration and a loyal representative of what a Referee should know and be in and out of the ring at all times. The class was “first class” and it was a pleasure to learn from a true professional.

Cost for the entire weekend program including Certificate of Completion: Only $250


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to become a qualified MMA official.

For ANY additional information email Marc Fennell at

Vancouver – April 10-11:
Save $100 – Order before March 15, 2010 and pay only $150.

Toronto – June 12-13:
Save $100 – Order Before May 15, 2010 and pay only $150.

Seminar registration is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

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