MMA coming to the Big Apple? Late 2010, Early 2011?

According to Fighters Only Magazine, the budget will change state legislation to “authorize the conduct and regulation of professional mixed martial arts sporting events in New York State” with the New York State Athletic Commission being empowered to license fighters and promoters “to ensure the safety and integrity of the sport.”

More interesting though:

“The bill would also make provision for the State to tax gross receipts from ticket sales and broadcasting rights related to professional MMA events held in the State.”

Fighter’s Only Magazine:

“The state of New York is currently experiencing economic problems and yesterday’s state Senate hearing was largely concerned with cuts in public spending. Governor Paterson has proposed the reduction of spending in key areas such as education. The state faces a budget deficit of $9 billion and Paterson wants to cut school funding by $1.4 billion.

State spending on healthcare is also subject to a (proposed) $1 billion cut in funding. Predictably, education and healthcare unions are not happy about the proposed cuts and yet there is little talk of protest or industrial action, a strong indication that everybody knows drastic cuts are necessary for the state’s ailing economy.”

But in light of the condition of the state’s finances it is unlikely they would turn down the revenue MMA can generate, making it almost certain that the UFC and other MMA promotions will be in New York late this year or early 2011.

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