Mike Brown May Be Done With Professional MMA Fighting Forever

Former WEC featherweight champion, Mike Brown revealed this week that he may have competed in his last professional MMA fight after facing a series of injuries in the past couple of months, explaining his back is the very worst of what he has wrong with him.

Brown, speaking via sources said:

“I don’t think I’ll fight again. I haven’t retired, just in case, because I don’t want to be a guy who walks away and comes right back. I accepted it like seven weeks out, but my neck was kind of bothering me and it’s too much on my neck. I was training and in good shape, but then I started losing some strength in my hand again. When I get banged in the head some of my grip strength goes away and it’s just a reoccurring injury.”

“It’s hard when you’ve got only one hand that’s working properly. I can’t hold onto anything with my left. If I try to grab somebody’s wrist they can easily pull away because my strength is gone. Usually in a month or two, that strength comes back, but if I bang my head and get a stinger, it goes away again. It’s just continuously active.”

“I’m grateful that I was world champion and the best in the world at one point. But it would have been nice to have done it in the UFC. In 10 years a lot of people might not remember what the WEC was, but the UFC will still be around. It would have been cooler to say I was the UFC champion than WEC champ, but it’s OK. The Faber fights were my high points because that’s what made me world champion. I’m glad I got to do that.”

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