Miguel Torres expects many current UFC fighters to drop weight classes

Former WEC bantamweight champion, Miguel Torres expects many of the UFC’s current roster to try their luck at the soon to be introduced lower weight classes as a result of the merger between the two WEC and UFC.

Torres, speaking via Heavy.com, said:

“You’re going to see a lot of (fighters dropping weight classes). Look at Frankie Edgar. He could easily make 135. Frankie’s a good example. He’s a champ at 155 and could be a champion at any weight class he wants. 155, 135, and 145 (pound divisions).”

“It’s pretty wild man. (It’s) something that I’ve been wanting to happen for a long time and now it’s here. It’s going to give me a bigger audience and show how much of a badass I am. Worldwide, in the grand scheme of things, it’s huge. I was already known worldwide, but now people anywhere in the world, they’re going to see our fights now. Everything in general the UFC is going to offer the lighter weight class fighters is going to be huge. It puts on potential match ups for different fighters in the UFC and it’s going to bring the better competition now.”

“For sure it does (feel good to know your salary will increase). But you know what they say, “More money, more problems. And I love problems”.

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