Michael Bisping: “Rivera’s an old man, and I’m in my prime. I’ve got better and he’s gone down hill”

UFC middleweight contender, Michael Bisping has decided to turn on the trash talking just a week from his UFC 127 clash with veteran, Jorge Rivera in Sydney, Australia, explaining as far as he’s concerned this fight is nothing more than a free pay-day.

Bisping, speaking via Independent.co.uk, said:

“I fought on the same card as (Jorge Rivera) 6 years ago for Cage Rage. I would have kicked his fucking ass then. He’s an old man, and I’m in my prime. I’ve got better and he’s gone down hill. He can try and make himself relevant by talking shit and doing stupid videos. … I had to Google his previous opponents to find out who they even were.”

“I’m not overly concerned really (with his right hand). Apart from me making a stupid mistake and him catching me with something flush on the button, I really don’t see what he’s going to do. I’m too fast for him, I’m too technical, I’m a better wrestler, I’ve got better jiu-jitsu and I’m better looking.”

“He’s said that he’s out-smarted me already (by making this fight), but we’ll see who the smart one is when he’s a broken mess on the floor in the middle of the Octagon. … The UFC made the match up, I could’ve turned the fight down but I’ve never turned a fight down in my life and I’m certainly not going to start turning down a fight with Jorge Rivera. I’ve fought a lot harder opposition than Jorge Rivera. This is a free pay-day for me. I’m going to be laughing all the way to the bank.”

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