Michael Bisping: If Sonnen Defeats Silva, I Might Get to Fight for the Title

UFC middleweight contender, Michael Bisping has revealed what went down with his discussion he had with UFC President, Dana White over the possibility of a potential title shot despite losing last time out to Chael Sonnen, confirming if Anderson Silva wins he may be sitting around for a while but if the last man who beat him wins he may be the next in line for s shot at UFC gold.

Bisping, speaking via ESPN.co.uk, said:

“I don’t know [if I get the next shot]. I’ve asked Dana, I’ve asked Joe Silva. I don’t know. Dana called me after the Sonnen fight and I asked him, ‘Where does this leave me in terms of the title?’. He said to me, ‘In fairness Mike, you won the fight.’ Not that he sent me my win bonus!”

“I asked, ‘Where does this leave me for the title shot?’ And he never said you don’t get one. He said, ‘We need to figure it out’. When speaking to Joe Silva, he said it all depends on what happens between Sonnen and Anderson. He said if Anderson wins, I might be sitting around for a while.”

“So if Chael wins I might get to fight [for the title]. But I haven’t been told anything official. Since Dan Henderson, I haven’t lost a fight. The Wanderlei fight I was robbed of a decision, the Chael fight I was robbed, so it’s going back to 2009. If you take those out, I haven’t lost in seven or eight fights.”

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