Michael Bisping formally apologises for his post-UFC 127 antics last month

UFC middleweight contender, Michael Bisping has finally formally apologised for his post-UFC 127 antics in Sydney, Australia last month, which saw him spit at his opponent, Jorge Rivera’s corner man, something he says he should never have done as a father, a fighter and a role model.

Bisping, speaking via The Telegraph, Bisping said:

“I went into the fight very angry. I let it get the better of me after the fight. I want to make it clear – I never spat on his cornerman. I spat on the floor to let him know what I thought of him… After that, I instantly apologised. It was out of order.”

“As a father, as a mixed martial artist, or possibly even as a role model, it’s not a way I should be behaving. It’s not how a mixed martial artist should be acting; not how any many should be acting. Of course, I do regret it, and I owe Dana [White, UFC president] and the UFC an apology and I won’t be acting like that again.”

“I have no problem with [it]. What this guy was doing was that he was insinuating my partner had a sexually transmitted diseases, talking crap about my country, crap about my family, insinuating I was not even English… it just went over the top really and I shouldn’t have let it get to me. But it did.”

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