Michael Bisping: “Does Mayhem Miller deserve it this fight? Probably not, but he’s a personality”

UFC middleweight contender, Michael Bisping gives his thoughts on being paired with former Strikeforce personality, Jason “Mayhem” Miller on the forthcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter”, adding that “Mayhem” probably doesn’t deserve this fight and predicts he’ll annoy the Brit for the six weeks they’re together.

Bisping, speaking via ESPN.co.uk, said:

“I’ve had the dubious pleasure of meeting him, he’s not a bad character, but I’m sure six weeks around the guy is going to be a pain in the backside. He’s been very vocal already, he’s been slagging me off already, talking trash, and he was contradicting himself so he didn’t sound very smart.

“I’ll be myself, which means I won’t suffer fools gladly, I’ll be sure to let him know what I think. I’ll never change, I won’t put an act on for anybody. I feel I am ready for a title shot, I’ve only been stopped once in my career and I’ve fought a lot of great fighters.

“Am I the No. 2? No, Yushin Okami is and he is fighting in August. Chael Sonnen’s not on the scene, so after Okami I’m next in line for a title shot. Does Mayhem Miller deserve it (this fight)? Probably not, but he’s a personality. He’s a loud mouth, he’ll bring some fireworks to the show, so I can understand why. But he’ll annoy me for six weeks.”

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