Melvin Guillard: “Truthfully, I would destroy Kenny Florian, I just don’t feel that he deserves the fight”

UFC lightweight star on the rise, Melvin Guillard has hit back this week at the comments made by former two-time title contender, explaining “Ken-Flo” had his chance, blew it and doesn’t deserve a fight with “The Young Assassin”.

Guillard, speaking via, said:

“Look, Kenny’s had his chance a couple of times, you know. I like Kenny, I don’t really want to get into this whole argument about Kenny, but he’s had his shot twice. He’s had his chance. He had his time. He blew it. He didn’t make it. Obviously, he’s probably not meant to be a champion, but for some reason they put him up in the top 5.”

“Of course he’s calling me out now, I just knocked out Dunham who on paper was ranked higher than me. I felt [Florian] didn’t even deserve to fight Dunham. If it wasn’t me, somebody else should have had that shot before Kenny. Kenny’s had his shot over and over again,” he added, referring to the fact that Florian was originally set to fight Dunham before becoming injured.”

“Truthfully, I would destroy Kenny Florian. I think Kenny Florian would be an easier fight than Evan Dunham. It could be stand-up, wrestling, whatever. Yeah, his jiu-jitsu is better than mine, but Evan Dunham’s was too. If guys can’t submit me, they can’t beat me.”

“Nobody’s presenting problems as far as the jiu-jitsu anymore because I’m calm and I’m not making mistakes anymore, so I’m not worried about that. I’m ready to fight whoever they put in front of me, I just don’t feel that Kenny Florian deserves the fight.”

Florian, speaking via Pro MMA Radio earlier this week, had said:

“It doesn’t make sense. There’s a lot of guys working hard. It’s who the best fighter is. If Melvin thinks he deserves a shot over me, he should fight me and beat me. It’s always about who the best fighter is. Who has he beaten? What has he done? That’s great he’s finally considered a top contender. Losing to Joe Stevenson in the first round isn’t gonna get you that shot. You have to be consistent. He has to separate himself from the pack. I would take that fight.”

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