Melendez on Aoki: “It just so happens that he breaks arms; I’ll break his jaw”

Strikeforce lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez has warned opponent, Shinya Aoki before tonights Strikeforce: Nashville lightweight championship bout, saying Aoki may break arms, but he plans on breaking jaws.

Melendez, speaking to, said:

“We know what we sign up for when we walk into the cage. It just so happens that he breaks arms; I’ll break his jaw. When we went to the (pre-fight) press conference, he tried to give me a look right off the bat and try to dog me. kind of past that. I’m over that nowadays. I’m prepared. I know how to flip my switch on.”

“Some people need to maintain character for the whole six or seven weeks, and that’s how they have to do it. I know how to flip my switch and turn into a killer when it’s time to and turn into a ninja when I have to.”

“I studied the most tape ever with Aoki, and there was some anxiety initially when I was studying his tapes because he’s very good at back attacks. He has a very good single-leg takedown. He has a very good bodylock. He has a very good rubber guard. He has very good leglocks. Initially, I was really nervous of these of these positions.”

“We know what we’re getting into when we walk into that cage. That’s why I don’t like early stoppages or anything. The referee is trying to save people. We’re professional fighters. I know what I’m getting into. Some fans say, ‘The ref needs to do this. The ref needs to do that.’ I’m a grown man. I know what I’m doing when I walk in that cage. It’s warrior vs. warrior out there.”

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