Maximum Fighting 34 Clash of the Titans Hague vs. Hackert on August 10th

In June 1981, the fantasy film hit, Clash of the Titans was released. The film told us a story about Perseus, the son of Zeus, and his epic quest to battle a giant titan called The Kraken. Perseus was small, fast, and smart, and (spoiler alert) he found a way to defeat the titan in the end. In May 2012, Mike Hackert stepped up to fight his own titan in the form of the huge and violent Tim Hague. Like Perseus, Hackert had to use his speed, skill, and technique to achieve victory, but there’s a key difference here. Perseus defeated the Kraken never to return, but Tim Hague, well, he’s back.

On August 10th, the heavyweight division will be fully reborn in the MFC. Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague will be slugging it out with Mike “The Honey Badger” Hackert for heavy-duty glory. The winner will be recognized as the greatest Canadian heavyweight fighter in the sport. Yeah, it’s that big.

Tim Hague was the best heavyweight fighter in Canada on May 17, 2012, but on May 18th, Hackert held the honour. The Honey Badger was the much smaller fighter; however, he took the decision after a very high-paced 3 rounds, mostly thanks to his speed and technique on the feet. His plan for MFC 34 is simple – rinse and repeat. “I think it’s going to be the same as last time, “ says Hackert, “He will not be able to take me down, and I’m going to keep it standing. That’s where my strength is.”

Hackert is strong on the feet, and he sent a clear message about his abilities to the MMA community in that fight with Hague. That being noted, when it comes to owning the crown as the greatest Canadian heavy, The Thrashing Machine has a message of his own, “Mike Hackert beat me on May 18th. He took that title from me fair and square, and August 10th, I’ll be damned if I don’t get it back.” Hague’s motivation is palpable, and his voice is confident and unwavering.

Fans may be wondering what could possibly change in the short time since these beasts last locked horns, and the answer is plenty. Hague will likely be entering the ring 20 – 30 pounds lighter than last time. Hackert had a strong focus on gaining new knowledge in what he described as an “amazing camp.” Hague is on a new ultra-clean diet. Hackert is freshly focused on fighting realizing there’s a much bigger bullseye on his back. Ultimately these guys know how to rock the show in an MMA arena, and they’re both more determined than ever to prove their worth going live on AXS TV.

That’s right, MFC fans. AXS TV is in the mix. The Heavyweight Division is back. The biggest Canadian fight in history is upon us. Don’t think these fighters don’t know it either, “It’s going to be one hell of a fight, and it’s going to kick off the heavyweight division with a bang,” exclaims Tim Hague. His opponent agrees, “Our last fight was great to watch, and this fight is perfect for the main card.”
That’s where the agreement ends. When picturing the perfect way for this fight to play out, Hackert wants a repeat of last time. That way the fans get a great show, and he walks away a winner. Tim Hague has a different vision, ““I want to break him down, and do what he did to me in the first fight and let him see how it feels. I’m not going in there throwing haymakers, but I want to finish him definitely by the second round.” Hague maintains that Hackert deserved the win last time but cautions anyone betting against him at the Mayfield this August, “I was out of shape for our last fight, and I’m going to be showing up in shape this time.”

This is big for fans as all signs point to a highly entertaining fight. Mike Hackert wants to outbox Hague, and Tim Hague thinks he’s done what he needs to do to put Hackert away. Let’s be frank. Hague knows how to knock people out, Hackert is one of the faster heavyweights in the game, and this one ain’t going to the ground. There may not be a ton of trash talk leading up to the fight, but the gun powder is inside both these ring warriors. Hague gives Hackert full respect for the first fight, but that’s where it ends, “As far as this fight goes, he’s not getting any respect from me.” Hackert may not engage in personal attacks either, but he doesn’t think his opponent is necessarily making the right move by slimming down, “It sounds like he’s getting lighter. I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

The significance of the return of the heavys and the debut of the MFC on AXS TV is not lost on these guys and both are working their fists to the bone preparing. Hague has worked with strength and conditioning guru Shara Vigeant and the kickboxing monsters at Frank Lee’s. He’s also continued his work with BJJ beast Kyle Cardinal and the big boy in his camp, Mike Cobey. Mike Hackert realizes the target on his back since his last fight with Tim, especially now that he’s built his sponsor list to include Never Tap, Fitness Etc., Reign , Bryce Hansen Remax, Comox Valley Boxing Club, CV Fitness, and Zuma. There’s no room left on his shorts, but he hasn’t lost his sense of humour. When asked what came to mind when hearing he is considered the greatest Canadian HW in MMA, he chuckled, “Good timing, Mike. Good timing.”

The ring will be rocked on August 10th as these two exceptional athletes and monstrous men go to war. Leading up to the big fight, Hackert wants to send a message to Tim Hague, “Let’s put on another good show, man.” Could Hackert be baiting The Thrashing Machine into going into full run-and-gun mode again? Maybe. It’s also a possibility that Hague sees some benefit in getting into his opponent’s head, and he has a message as well, “I saw a posting on facebook about Mike not giving a **** about size. I want him to know I’m bringing a lot more than size to this fight.” No matter who takes this moment and squeezes victory from it, every fan sitting in Mayfield Centre or watching on AXS TV will be in for a scorching scrap.

In June 1981, the fantasy film hit, Clash of the Titans was released. That was a movie. This is real. The smaller, faster hero may, once again, take victory, but the awoken giant has learned from the last encounter and may exact his revenge. Metaphors aside, on August 10, 2012, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the greatest Canadian heavyweight fighter will be crowned. Look out.

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