Matt Mitrione Calls Out Rampage, Jackson Says “Winner Takes All” (Video)

Jackson: “I’m a fighter, I respect that. I don’t care, I’ll fight a guy bigger than me. If he thinks he can knock me out, let’s go.”

Mitrione: “We can get down. We’ll put a weight limit on it. I’ll have to make a catch weight, make a cut and get to a number. It’ll be a fight I think the fans will love. They know we’ll get in there and scrap and earn our money. We both have heart, we both bring it. I think it’ll be a beautiful fight.”

Jackson: “He does bring it, but if he steps in the cage with me he’s going to regret that damn phone call, he’s going to regret that text.”

Mitrione: “I’ve never regretted going to the bank a day in my life. I’ve never regretted going with that win bonus, either.”

Jackson: “You’re going to regret going to the hospital, trust me.”

Mitrione: “That’s OK. If I come with a check with me, it’ll be alright.”

Jackson: “You ain’t going to enjoy spending it. You’re lucky UFC pays for your doctor bills, because that’s where your money would be going, homie. Let’s do it like this then, winner takes all. Yeah. I got a big boy purse, too, baby. Winner takes all. I’m talking about your sponsor money, everything. Winner takes all. Put it on the line. Winner takes all. That’s how confident I am I’m going to hand you the worst motherf—— ass-whipping of your mother-f—— life.”

Jackson: “They’re going to put some cement in your chin.”

Mitrione: “You actually think you have hands enough to put on me? You actually think you do, dude? I train with people like Tyrone Spong, and [Alistair] Overeem. I bang with them every damn day, son. You got nothing on what I got. Nothing. I can’t wait to touch you, bro.”

Jackson: “I don’t care who you’re sparring with. They can’t fight for you, dog. They can’t take these f—— bungalows for you.”

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