Matt Lindland: “Chael Sonnen is in the gym, not as frequent as he should be”

MMA veteran, Matt Lindland has publically attacked Team Quest team member, Chael Sonnen over the amount of time he’s putting in at the gym as he battles a series of personal problems, saying at this he needs to be adding new skills tyou’re going through “garbage”.

Lindland, speaking via HeadKick, said:

“Chael is in the gym, not as frequent as he should be. Three or four times a week is not as frequent as he should be. He should probably be putting in high volume doing doubles everyday right now building his skill sets while he has some time off.”

“Not having to worry about getting in shape and the best prepared he can be, just adding more skill sets to what he’s already go. He’s a super talented athlete and he’s got all the potential in the world.”

“He has to use this opportunity to build his skills and really when you’re going through “garbage” like that, it’s a great outlet for you to get some of that emotion out and just hit someone in the head and not having to think about all the crap that’s going on.”

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