Matt Hamill overcomes staph infection, blurred vision and a broken hand to pick up FOTN honors

UFC light heavyweight, Matt Hamill has revealed he suffered a staph infection and had to cope with blurred vision and a broken hand during his fight with Keith Jardine at the “Ultimate Fighter” season eleven finale in Las Vegas before winning the “Fight of the Night” bonus in the end.

Hamill, speaking at the post fight press conference, said:

“The gameplan was to use movement then attack with the takedown,” Hamill said. “But what happened in the first round was I broke my left hand, and I couldn’t get the takedown. I had the death hook. But I tried. I kept going. I had to go to plan B – to out-strike him. I fought all my heart out. Then he poked me in the eye, and I thought I could be blind and deaf. It was too many handicaps, but I’m not giving up. I go all out.”

“It was blurry, I don’t know. I thought I was going to knock him out in the second round. I had him, then he poked me in the eye, and I had to stop. It happened so fast. It’s all about heart. The only way to beat me is my mind and my soul. I’ve been through it for so many years. I’m not a give-up person. I just want to go all out. I knew the first round that I wasn’t doing really good. Then after he poked me in the eye, it was too much. I said, ‘Forget it. I want to go all out.’”

“When the fight was over, I didn’t know about the decision. I just went all out the best I could. Whether my hand was raised or not, I knew I had fought my heart out. I’ll probably have to go the hospital tomorrow, but right now, the good thing is that I came here to catch up with all the interviews.”

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