Matt Brown Working With Ben Askren To Prepare For Lawler Figt

Inn preparation for his upcoming fight against Robbie Lawler at FOX UFC Saturday in July, welterweight Matt Brown is not taking training camp lightly. If he wins his fight against Lawler he will finally get his title shot against Johny Hendricks.

Former Bellator king Ben Askren has been working with Brown for his upcoming face off, drilling wrestling, and helping to polish off the rough corners of his grappling game for a guy best known for his jaw ratting knockouts.

Heres what Brown had to say about working with Askren:

“He’s one of the best in the world at what he does, It’s going to help me with all the small little details that are always forgotten. A lot of people do MMA wrestling so to speak, but you miss a lot when you try to limit your wrestling. Doing pure wrestling with high level guys is what makes you get better. My striking gets better when I wrestle, my jiu-jitsu gets better when I wrestle, I think in a couple of years you might see me start fighting like GSP. I like wrestling. (Askren) is that next level. I love Jon Fitch, he’s absolutely amazing, extremely good at MMA but when it comes to wrestling he would admit as clearly as I would, Askren is that next level of wrestling. That’s what I’m always trying to do with myself, get to that next level with anything I’m doing. In wrestling, all the best guys go to the OTC (Olympic Training Center) or whatever so you’ve got to wrestle with the best guys on a daily basis and then still beat them in competition, Obviously I think fighting’s a little different since only so many people live close to each other, or somebody like a Tyron Woodley who we went to college together and we’re friends, I wouldn’t want to fight somebody like that, but besides that you’ve got to train with guys you might fight. It’s not personal by any means. It’s a job. It’s always great to work with someone on a seven fight win streak, that’s so tough to come by. I think it’s pretty clear he’s in the top five in the world so it’s always nice to judge yourself by something like that.”

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