Martin Kampmann May Never Return To The Octagon

Long-time UFC welterweight, Martin Kampmann spoke about his future as an MMA fighter after announcing a couple of weeks ago that he was stepping away from the sport for a prolonged period, stating he’s not sure if or when he’ll return to the octagon.

Kampmann, speaking via sources said:

“You know, as a fighter you never really want to retire. I’ve always enjoyed fighting. It was a hobby of mine that I was able to make into my living. So I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to do that. But, I just knew that I wanted some time off and at the same time I didn’t want to waste it, so I’m pursuing other possibilities that can benefit me and my family for the future. I’ve been coaching. I like to give back to the guys who have the hunger, and the dreams to go out and try to make something of themselves in the sport. Because I started out like that.”

“You never know. I don’t want to say I’m retired and then six months later come back. I’d rather say I’m taking a break, and if I feel like taking a fight in a couple of months, I’ll call up Joe Silva and I’m sure he’ll have a fight for me.”

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