Marshall Zelaznik: UFC welterweight title is the only thing on BJ Penn’s mind

UK UFC President, Marshall Zelaznik speaks about former lightweight champion, BJ Penn’s return to the welterweight division, explaining the ultra-talented Hawaiian seems to be refocused with talk of a title shot if he can defeat Jon Fitch at UFC 127.

Zelaznik, speaking via, said:

“This is massive for BJ. He put his stamp on the welterweight division with the knockout of Matt Hughes and is looking to get back in line for the important fights. Jon Fitch is the same, he desperately wants that title shot and knows he needs to prove he is worthy of it.

“There’s so much on the line. I spent a week with the two of them in Australia and you can tell they appreciate how much is on the line for them. GSP (Georges St-Pierre) talks about going up to middleweight and he says that once he is there, he will stay there due to the weight fluctuation. BJ seems to be able to float between the weight classes.”

“There are so many interesting match-ups for BJ, but right now a charge at the welterweight title is the only thing on his mind.”

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