Mark Hominick on George Roop: “Come January 22nd, I’m going to take him out.”

UFC featherweight contender, Mark Hominick he plans to take out friend and opponent, George Roop this weekend at UFC Fight Night 23, explaining he’s comfortable wherever the fight takes place and plans to utilize just that.

Hominick, speaking via, said:

“I’m fighting George Roop on January 22nd. Right now, I’m just looking at things like I’m a new UFC fighter, and [I need] to have a pretty good stamp on my fight to prove why I am [the #1 contender.]”

“When I was coming up, I always thought you hit your prime from 28 to 30 and that’s where I am now, but it’s just like the sport itself; you have to be constantly learning, and I think that I’ve continually done that over the last ten years and I’m starting to reach my full potential.”

“I’m comfortable everywhere in the fight. The strongest part of my game right now is the mental side of things. That has been the biggest thing I’ve learned over the last few years; to just believe in my skills and go in there and not worry so much about what my opponent is going to do.”

“There’s a big difference between a training partner and a close friend. It’s not that I don’t like George, but there is a big difference my relationship with guys like Sam Stout and Chris Horodecki and my relationship with George Roop. I’ve known him for the last four or five years, and business is business; we’re both coming off big wins, so let’s do it.”

“We talked through email when the fight was announced and said nothing personal; let’s just get it done and move on afterward. We’re friends now and we’ll be friends after, but come January 22nd, I’m going to take him out.”

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