Marcus Davis set to drop to lightweight after seven years at 170 pounds

UFC welterweight, Marcus Davis has revealed he’s going to try his luck in the UFC lightweight division after spending the last seven years fighting at welterweight against some of MMA’s best.

Davis, speaking via, said:

“I’m going to finish out my career at 155 and try to entertain some people along the way before my old ass retires. I like the opportunities that present themselves. I think the UFC has me at a 70 (inch reach), and I think they do that because they feel bad for me. My reach is 69 (inches). That’s got to be the worst reach at 170. Every fight that I’ve had in the past year and a half, I think the closest (opponent) to my reach has been six inches longer than my reach.”

“That’s where I’m normally and naturally going to be, so that’s where I’m going to fight right now,” he said of the 155-pound lightweight division. “It does make more sense that I should be able to compete better at that weight for the fact that the weight difference isn’t going to be so dramatic. I’ve got to win two fights. If I make 155, and I win two fights, and I feel like the new Marcus Davis, then we sit down and sign a new contract. But I will say this: I will not be 40 years old and fighting. I just can’t.”

“Some people just outright can’t stand me and hate me … but when it comes down to it, I come to fight. I know that I’m out there to entertain. You know that my fights are going to have blood – it’s going to be my blood – but there is going to be blood. I’m going to get hurt, and somebody else might get hurt. That’s what I do. I fight to entertain, and I love to fight.”

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