M-1 Global Presents: The Best of 2010 (Videos Included)

As 2010 comes to a close, the year brought countless incredible memories that will forever remain in the record books of M-1 Global. We saw young fighters clamor for victories in their quests to become Selections champions, the battles that these warriors fought in epic Challenge showdowns as they continued to define their existence in the MMA scene around the world and watched as the best of the ‘next generation of superstars’ captured the first-ever M-1 Challenge championships. Looking back on M-1 Global’s most triumphant year to date, M-1 counts down its top ten fights of 2010.

Fight number 10 on our countdown was an M-1 Selection Western European Lightweight Semi-Final matchup which featured the flamboyant Dutch striking star Victor Kuku. Kuku would face German national wrestling champion and unbeaten Sebastian Nowak in a battle that would test the will of both competitors.

The date is May 29, 2010 from the Helsinki Ice Hall in Helsinki, Finland: Victor Kuku vs. Sebastian Nowak.

Fight number 9 on our countdown was an M-1 Selection Western European Lightweight Semi-Final matchup pitting budding superstar Mairbek Taisumov who brought a 5 fight win streak into the contest, against unbeaten “Haute Tension“ product Julien Boussuge

The date is May 29, 2010 from the Helsinki Ice Hall in Helsinki Finland: Mairbek Taisumov vs. Julien Boussuge.Fight number 8 on our countdown was an M-1 Selection Eastern European middleweight opening round matchup between tournament favorite Magomed Sultanakhmedov and undefeated Pavel Kusch. Both men continue to be middleweight forces in Eastern Europe.

The date is February 26, 2010 from the Yubileyny Sports Palace, St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia: Magomed Sultanakhmedov vs. Pavel Kusch.Fight number 7 on our countdown was an M-1 Challenge XXII middleweight matchup between middleweight veteran Luigi Fioravanti and rising superstar Arthur Guseinov. The fight was a text book example of heart and will to win. This fight proved an emotional rollercoaster full of action that earned co-fight of the night honors.

The date is December 10 , 2010 from the Druzhba Arena in Moscow, Russia: Luigi Fioravanti vs. Arthur GuseinovFight number 6 on our countdown was an M-1 Selection Eastern European Light Heavyweight opening round matchup which featured Sambo 70 Light Heavyweight kingpin Vyacheslav Vasilevski. Slava would face unbeaten Sergey Guzev in a battle that would define the course of the entire year.

The date is April 10, 2010 from National Circus of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine- Vyacheslav Vasilevski vs. Sergey Guzev

Fight number 5 is a Light Heavyweight showdown for the 2010 M-1 Selection Americas tournament Championship. American Top Team’s Byron Byrd entered this match up with a mounting reputation of throwing a quick beating on his opponents. On the other side of the ring, Daniel Vizcaya, a young man they call the “Bulldog” and for good reason. The two men entered this fight with a level of confidence and poise that far surpasses their fight experience and what we witnessed was nothing short of spectacular.

The date is September 18, 2010 from the Bally’s Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States: Byron Byrd vs. Daniel Vizcaya.Fight number 4 is a fight for the inaugural M-1 Challenge World Light Heavyweight championship. The fight proved to be a technical showcase for the new champion, and one of the most surprising results of 2010.

The date is December 10, 2010 from the Druzhba Arena in Moscow, Russia: Vyacheslav Vasilevski vs. Tomasz NarkunFight number 3 on our countdown was on the Americas middleweight tournament finals and an incredibly well matched fight. Tyson Jeffries entered the finals once again the underdog, the “anti-hero” had displayed a tremendous amount of heart and skill earning his championship shot. Mike Geurin also had a very exciting road to the finals, the Team Bombsquad middleweight entered this bout hot of the heels of a “fight of the night” performance in the semi-finals where he and Shane Primm electrified the crowd.

As the fighters entered the ring for the tournament finals, it was clear early into the fight that the crowd was in for something special. Often times the expectations of a championship bout can fall short, on this night all expectations would be exceeded capped off with a shocking conclusion that no one could have predicted.

The date is September 18, 2010 Bally’s Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States : Tyson Jeffries vs. Mike Geurin

The number 2 fight on our countdown became an instant viral hit as hundreds of thousands of people tuned in to see what many have called one of the best knockouts of the year in all of MMA.

The Date is October 28, 2010 M-1 Challenge XXI from the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia : Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Victor KukuFight number 1 on our countdown was a contest that featured the very best qualities in our sport; heart, determination, skill and an unrelenting desire to prove that on this night that they are among the elite. Both Artiom Damkovsky and Mairbek Taisumov took advantage of the opportunity to display their skills in what turned out to be our number 1 fight of the year.

The date is October 28, 2010 from the Ice Palace, St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, for the M-1 Challenge Lightweight Championship: Artiom Damkovsky vs. Mairbek Taisumov.

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