Luke Rockhold says Chris Weidman “like a lost puppy,” UFC 199 bout will be “over before he even knows it”

Luke Rockhold talks to and responds to Chris Weidman’s belief that their UFC 194 bout was a “fluke.”

“Obviously, not having the belt has gotten to him. He’s just making up a lot of things in his head, seemingly – I don’t know where he’s coming from. It’s just really emotional. Maybe he’s on his period or something… The man’s lost. He’s like a lost puppy. I feel bad at this point. I don’t even want to hurt him anymore. I’m going to make this one quick and painless. It’s going to be over before he even knows it… It’s going to be quicker, it’s going to be quick, it’s going to be fast, it’s going to be precise, I’m going to go in there, and I’m going to execute him. I want to get this fight over with. He’s a great fighter – but I’m the best.”


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