Long-time trainer Firas Zahabi denies rumours of GSP taking steroids

Firas Zahabi, the long-time trainer of UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre has denied the rumours that GSP is taking performance enhancing drugs.

Zahabi, speaking via CagePotato.com, said:

“Listen. Nobody knows Georges or spends more time with him than I do and I can tell you that he absolutely does not use any performance enhancing drugs. He works harder than everyone in the gym and constantly pushes his body to the limit to push past plateaus. He also has very good genetics. If you look at pictures of him when he was younger, he was always very lean. I’m sure we all know guys who can eat like pigs and don’t put on any weight. That’s Georges. Look up ‘ectomorph’ on the Internet. I actually recently wrote an article on this body type.”

“I guess claims like this just speak to the hard work and results of Georges, [strength and conditioning coach] Jonathan Chaimberg and myself. Georges doesn’t let things like this bother him. He doesn’t spend a lot of time on the Internet, but he’s also had to get used to stuff like this, because there have been people saying bad things about him since he started fighting, no matter how many amazing things he’s done. He knows to not take it to heart.”

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