Li Kai Wen Talks His Journey To ONE: Dynasty Of Champions

ONE Championship’s expansion into China has given many local fighters the chance to use the platform to make a name for themselves on the international stage, but none have done so like Li Kai Wen.

He headed into the inaugural ONE: ‘Dynasty of Champions’ event in December of 2014 virtually unknown but made a name for himself by beating two separate opponents in the space of a single night to win the organization’s first ever Beijing Flyweight Tournament. Heres what he had to say about his journey:

“I didn’t train MMA until 2013. Before that I was training wrestling exclusively. Then one day I caught Anderson Silva’s videos online and thought ‘MMA is a man’s sport, only real men dare get into the cage’. That moment inspired me and so after watching my first MMA video I embarked on this journey to pursue a career in MMA. I only knew wrestling then and I got the take down and let off some ground and pound but the ref stood us up quickly for no reason. I thought it was an MMA fight but the rules were more like Sanda, it was unfair, whatever. It was called a TKO against me and I stood speechless knowing then my career had been tarnished by a bad call. I’m from Zhang Jia Jie in Hunan. It’ss a tourist town and has beautiful scenery. There is nothing not to love about the place, my hometown is great. It’s near to Changsha and my family and friends will all be there to support me. I also spent 10 years wrestling in Changsha so this is a real homecoming for me, I can’t wait to finally fight at my doorstep! My motivation is to do well for my family. I know my home is a broken one but I will still do what I can to unite my family through their united support for me. My family is where my spiritual support comes from. I want to do my best for my parents, the rest of my family, and my future wife. My youth was spent in a sports academy and my childhood was relatively dull but I gained a lot through wrestling. I can say wrestling made me stronger than other kids my age and helped me understand more than other kids my age. I left for the sports academy at age 8 and stayed until I was 18. That was my youth and a very long 10 years. My coaches and teammates at K-1 Club in Tianjin spend a considerable amount of time to take care of me before fights. Someone takes the responsibility of helping me relax, someone take the responsibility of washing my clothes, and so on. During my fight camp my coaches are serious about my training. They not only prepare my physical training, but also help me adjust psychologically to the state of mind I need to be in to fight my best. When I am tired they encourage me, sometimes the language gets ugly, but I know my coaches only want the best for me. I am very happy and really looking forward to this fight since Changsha is on the doorstep of my home. I feel ONE Championship has given me a lot to get motivated for because I have the chance now to go further and become better. Chance are given to the people most prepared to take it them and I won’t waste a single chance I am given from ONE Championship.”

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