Ken Shamrock blames a lack of fights for his rapid decline in MMA

MMA veteran and UFC Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock speaks about his rapid fall from the MMA thrown, where once he dominated, adding he blames the lack of opportunities to fight for his ultimte MMA demise.

Shamrock, speaking via, said:

“The problem that I’m running into is the fact that I can’t get enough fights. It’s hard enough for a guy in his prime to jump right into a fight let alone somebody of my age, who needs to be in there and actually take a little bit longer to prepare for a fight. To have that long off and then go into a fight like with a Pedro Rizzo, who has fought three times (recently) prior to me fighting him. So I have to get more fights and I’ve got to be busier. That way I can be able to use the things that I have and be able to get that timing in the ring that I need to be successful.”

“I think that everybody should have an opinion and be able to express their opinion. But just because they have an opinion doesn’t mean people have to agree with it. There’s also a lot of people out there that appreciate being able to see me fight.”

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