Keith Jardine on team mates vs. team mates: ‘If it has to happen, it has to happen’

Former UFC light heavyweight, Keith Jardine has been speaking about the merits of team mates squaring off against each other if it becomes necessary, especially where titles are concerned, saying if it’s got to happen then it’s got to happen.

Jardine, speaking via Five Knuckles, said:

“Greg [Jackson] can’t really forbid us [from fighting against each other]. Just because we’ve got so many fighters there, and so many people. How many opportunities do you have to fight for a title? So, if something like that comes along, if it has to happen, it has to happen.”

“The situation with me and Rashad, where we wouldn’t fight each other, it’s a lot different than other people because it’s not like we’re just training partners. We were like each other’s best coach and best friend at the same time. So, it was a little different us fighting each other than just two people that barely trained against each other.”

“If you start worrying about fighting [a team mate] all the time, then you start worrying about holding back instead of exposing their weaknesses because you might save it for if you ever fight that guy instead of teaching them. So, it’s really hard to be friends if you might fight somebody.”

“Fortunately, it hasn’t happened much yet. I don’t think it has happened in the Jackson Camp yet, we’ll see what happens.”

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