Josh Koscheck: “If Matt Hughes is man enough, he’ll step up and do it”

UFC welterweight contender, Josh Koscheck has called out Matt Hughes to sign on and face him at UFC 135 on September 24th in Denver, Colorado, saying if the long-time champion is “man enough” he’ll sign the contract and meet him later this month.

Kos, speaking via USA Today, said:

“They contacted me maybe about two hours ago. They obviously called my manager and my manager called me, and I said, “Yeah, let’s take it.” It’s a fight that I’ve been wanting for a long time. Now we’ve just got to wait and see if Matt Hughes will accept the fight. So we’re waiting on him. I told them that I’m game and I’m in shape. I’ve been training so I’m ready to fight.”

“Of course, I’ve got a lot to lose. I’ve got a fight to lose. I take that stuff serious. I’m not going in this thing to just take a fight. I’m going in this to knock Matt Hughes out. If he takes the fight, I’m going in this to win the fight. Fifteen minutes, you know? I’ve taken fights on short notice before and cardio was never a factor, so I don’t see it being a factor this time either.”

“I’m a big-name fighter, so he can take that and run with it. I put it out there. I told UFC I’d do it, and if Matt Hughes is man enough, he’ll step up and do it. I think he’ll do it. I think he’ll take the fight. He wants big-name fighters. He’s getting near the end of his career. I think he’ll take the fight because it’s good for the sport and good for the UFC.”

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