Josh Barnett Not Sure Of His Future With The UFC

Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett spoke with sources during Glory 17: Last Man Standing this weekend and talked about “The Warmaster’s” future with the UFC, heres what he had to say:

“I want to fight everybody, but honestly, it was my manager who said it. He made the quote, but he didn’t quote me when he said it, So, I mean sure, whatever, all good by me. I don’t call people out. That’s why for one, you have to understand grammar and syntax. That’s his comment, not mine. If I call someone out, I just show up at their doorstep and fight them right then and there. It was just a really great opportunity and a chance to put catch wrestling on a big stage in terms of the grappling world, Dean Lister is an awesome guy and an incredible competitor, be it MMA, or grappling. It was pretty hard to say no. I don’t know necessarily like me, I like to think I’m pretty unique, I think someone with my style and my wrestling background will make for something they are not used to seeing. Whether they like it or don’t, I guess it won’t matter as long as I win, but I feel pretty confident that they will be impressed.”

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