Jose Aldo Says He Will Fight At Lightweight Some Day

UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo spoke this week about how he plans to fight in the lightweight division at some point during his career, although he was quick to add that he still has many goals to achieve at 145 pounds before he does.

Aldo, speaking via sources said this regarding the matter:

“I was pissed with that in the past, and then I fought Edgar and proved that I could do good fights (at 155). We’ll see what happens. I still have many goals to accomplish. One day I’ll fight at 155. We always train with heavier sparring partners to make it harder, so the fight will be easier. It would be normal for me (to fight at 155). We create difficulties in training so we never think it’s easy.”

“Barao and I are going to fight at the same night, so we’ll be stronger when we get inside the cage. The training is intense here at Nova Uniao. I will be ready when the time comes. It helps me a lot because when you’re alone in a card in January or February, a lot of teammates travel to their cities to spend the holidays with their families, so now that we’re both fighting on the same card everybody has to stay here to help us.”

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