Jon Fitch on BJ Penn: “It’s kind of like, if I kill him, I get his power”

UFC welterweight contender, Jon Fitch looks ahead of his UFC 127 main event bout with former UFC welterweight and lightweight champion, BJ Penn this weekend in Sydney, Australia, explaining if he can beat “The Prodigy” he will become him, taking the Hawaiian’s power for himself.

Fitch, speaking at the pre-fight press conference, said:

“He’s been around for so long and there’s so much wealth of video and fights out there. I mean, B.J. Penn is B.J. Penn. There’s no mystery. I highly doubt that he’s gonna come out with some flying attack that no one’s seen before. B.J. sticks to what he’s good at and he’s good at what he does.”

“Everything comes in stages and steps and this was the time for this to happen. I’m embracing it now and everything worked out perfectly, I think. A lot of guys rush to opening themselves up before the skill set is there. If people love you, but you suck at fighting, you’re not gonna be around very long.

“The No. 1 rule everyone needs to remember is: everyone loves a winner. It doesn’t matter what kind of style you have. If you lose, you’re out, and no one is gonna know who you are when you lose.”

“It’s kind of like, if I kill him, I get his power. If I can destroy this legend, then I’m gonna take all of his wins and put ‘em in my back pocket. I’m gonna take that legacy and start building my own.”

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