Johny Hendricks Hoping To Return In The Fall

UFC Welterweight champion Johny Hendricks had surgery for a torn bicep shortly after winning the vacant title against Robbie Lawler. Hendricks shared his feelings about being sidelined so shortly after winning. Heres wht he had to say:

“It sucks being on the sidelines, knowing these guys are all fighting to get to me, and I can’t do anything about it, I can’t train for it, can’t get ready for it. The only thing I can do is sit here and wait for them to battle it out. I don’t like that. They scared me into being a good patient, It’s tough for me. Growing up wrestling, you get injured and they expect you back on the mat in a couple weeks unless it’s really bad. What I found out is that if I jump the gun, instead of being six weeks in a sling and six weeks recovering, it might turn into 12 weeks in a sling and 12 weeks recovering.”

After UFC 174, Rory MacDonald made his argument for why he deserves a title shot, Hendricks also shared his thoughts on that:

“He’s one of those fighters that he can do that to people, I’m not going to talk trash on anybody, but he makes guys feel awkward, But when someone is doing that, hey, you’ve got to know that sometimes you have to eat a punch to deliver a punch. Sometimes you’ve got to say to yourself, ‘I am paid to be an entertainer.’ In my fights it’s not if I get hit; it’s when I get hit.”

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