John Dodson Out For At Least A Year Following ACL Surgery

Fomer Ultimate Fighter winner John Dodson is out for the count for at least a year. Dodson underwent ACL surgery on Wednesday to repair damage to his knee as well as a torn meniscus and is now expected to be out of the Octagon for at least the next six to eight months with his next fight likely scheduled about a year from now.

Heres what he had to say regarding the matter:

“I’m looking at six to eight months of me actually being out before I can start going back in the gym and going hard and stuff. About a year (before a fight), I ended up tearing my ACL and my MCL before the Scott Jorgensen fight and then when I was getting ready for this fight against John Moraga, I didn’t know it was going to be too much of a problem but then when I threw that first kick, I felt my knee pop when I threw that first kick in that first round and that’s when I felt it go out, I didn’t think too much of it because my knee didn’t swell up or anything. I thought it was just another little sprain on it. It popped again that Monday after the fight when I went to go run, I was running, running and then I heard I pop again and I was like maybe I need to tell somebody and my manager forced me to go to the doctors and get it checked it out and get the final opinion on it. It turns out I blew the whole thing, I was messing with Demetrious Johnson and I really, really, really want to beat this dude up. I want that title. I was gearing for it and getting ready for this fight, That means I can go out there and do what I wanted to do in the first place — destroy Demetrious Johnson and that’s what the game plan was. He can go ahead and take his little time off and be okay being a loser. He didn’t want to fight me now he doesn’t have to fight me, I’m trying to get ready for all my future endeavors and game plan on what I’m going to do to people when I come back.”

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