Jimmo declines title fight; Contender refuses to face Teixeira and is benched for MFC 27

Ryan Jimmo’s decision not to accept a certain opponent has not just cost him spot on the next MFC card but more importantly a shot at the MFC’s light heavyweight title.

Jimmo (13-1), who is riding a 13-fight winning streak, declined an offer to face Brazilian striker Glover Teixeira at MFC 27: Breaking Point which will take place on Friday, Nov. 12. There was no question in anyone’s mind a showdown between Jimmo and Teixeira (10-2) would make for an action-packed title fight – except for one person.

Jimmo wasn’t interested in fighting Teixeira and bizarrely backed away from the bout as well as the shot at the crown.

“I have the utmost respect for Ryan Jimmo but I think he is making a huge mistake by not taking this fight. I can’t figure out why someone would turn down a title fight,” said MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich.

“You don’t get to choose who you are going to fight for the title. The best opponent possible is going to be put in front of you and that’s the fight. Unlike the vast majority of other mixed martial arts companies, our organization puts a lot of value on our title belts and on our champions. That’s why you don’t see fighters were unqualified records fighting for MFC titles.

“If you want to be an MFC champion, you are going to have to fight the best guy. You don’t get to pick your spots here. I don’t think Ryan has looked at the big picture. He and his team are focused on where Glover has fought and whether he’s been on TV or not, and because of that Ryan is missing out on a great opportunity.”

Pavelich noted that this is the first time in the 10-year history of the MFC that a fighter has not accepted a title fight based on who the opponent was slated to be.

“I question why Ryan Jimmo would say that Glover Teixeira wasn’t worthy of a title fight. If I was Jimmo, I’d be willing to back up that statement in the ring, not run from it afterwards,” said Pavelich, who added that Teixeira is still going to fight on the MFC 27 card.

“My responsibility is to the fans of the Maximum Fighting Championship and choosing Glover Teixeira to fight Ryan Jimmo makes sense. Glover has won eigh in a row and Ryan is on a great streak too. A lot of people said Pat Healy didn’t deserve a title fight against Ryan Ford because not many people had heard of him. But Healy came here and beat Ford – twice.

“Patrick Cote didn’t choose to fight Jason MacDonald in the very first MFC title fight. That’s the fight he was offered, he accepted it, and won the fight. The same goes for Antonio McKee, Roger Hollett, Emanuel Newton – none of them hand-picked who they were going to fight. Those guys all took whoever was thrown in front of them and went about their business as professionals.”

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