GSP would consider retirement after “super fight” with Anderson Silva

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre revealed that if he ever moved up to 185 pounds for a super fight with UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva he would consider retirement, saying after the fight there may be no more goals left.

GSP, speaking via, said:

“Growing up in my career, I always fix my goals very high and every time I achieve one of my [goals], I fix another goal to reach. It’s important as a martial artist [never to be] satisfied because otherwise there is no point to keep doing what you’re doing.”

“If I go up in weight, it’s going to be hard to go down. If I put on lean muscle like I already did recently … it’s going to be hard to come back down. So it’s not like I go up and I go down. I have to be very careful with what I do.”

“If one day I fight at 185 pounds for a superfight to know who is the best pound-for-pound in the world, (and) if I reach my goal, then my goal will be reached. There will be no point for me to still compete because I’m not going to have a goal left.”

“Of course, the money’s there. The difference between me and a lot of fighters … (is that) a lot of fighters fight for the fame. They fight for the money. Yeah, the money is there. It’s pleasant. The money is there. It’s good that I have this security. I have a lot of money now. It’s good. But there is a lot of things I can do outside of mixed martial arts … because of the name that I reached with MMA, that the UFC helped me to have.”

“The fame is the same thing. I didn’t have it in the beginning, and now I have it. But if one day I reach my goal of becoming the best pound-for-pound (fighter) of all-time, it will be time for me to retire. But I don’t know right now, at 29 years old, if I want to retire. So it’s better I have to stick around.”

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