Greg Jackson Talks BJ Penn’s Return

Greg Jackson is helping train BJ Penn for his return to the octagon after his recent announcement that he is coming out of retirement. Jackson spoke with MMA Junkie about the highly anticipated return, heres what he had to say:

“He said, ‘I’ve been thinking about a run at it, I said, ‘That’s an awesome idea.’ I stayed up for a couple of days putting together a plan, and that’s kind of how it happened, He’s such a talented and great athlete, once he finds himself and finds his love for it, I think he’s got a good two or three more years in him,” Jackson said. “Why not? What do we have to lose? Performances due to information limitations and morale limitations, don’t matter to me at all, What I look at is context and relevance within that realm. The performances don’t matter, because the potential is there. I just have one word for him: talented,” Jackson said. “His sense of how he can find rhythm, how he sees fighting, there’s a reason he’s one of the greatest fighters. If he’s happy and productive and pushed mentally, I think he’s going to do great things. I think of it as another step in his evolution, I don’t think he’s rehabbing anything. I think he’s just beginning to evolve again. He’s no any more of a challenge or less of a challenge than anybody else. It’s just another challenge.”

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