Greg Jackson on GSP’s eye: “I was glad the doctor wasn’t called in…”

Greg Jackson, the trainer of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was relieved that the doctor wasn’t called in to check the Canadian’s eye between rounds during UFC 129 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, adding it was crucial to get the fighter refocused on his job at hand.

Speaking via, Jackson said:

“I guess the blood was blocking his vision in there. He couldn’t see anything. When I looked into his eye, I could tell he couldn’t see out of it. Sometimes you just have to be a warrior and fight through these injuries and then afterward you can take care of yourself and make sure you heal correctly. That’s what we did. I was glad the doctor wasn’t called in and that we were able to get him refocused and concentrating on winning.”

“Georges was getting hit with punches that he usually wouldn’t get hit with. He was having a hard time taking the offensive and wasn’t able to balance out his attack on the left side very well because the eye was closed there. … If you’ve got one eye, no depth perception, it’s really hard to see those right hands coming. Your depth perception’s off, so your punches are a little bit off as well. It’s a very scary thing. For Georges to do what he did, to fight bravely through that, that gives me a lot of respect for him.”

“Especially when the eye was damaged and he couldn’t see things on that side, I think he felt a lot more comfortable when he could circle and move away from stuff. Jake is incredibly dangerous in that butterfly guard. That was one place we didn’t want to be. When he got there, we were going to extract ourselves and then attack again. If we would have landed into regular guard or any other position, we could have utilized more ground-and-pound. He did exactly what he was supposed to.”

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