Gray Maynard Hopes To Return To The Octagon By July

Former two-time UFC lightweight title contender, Gray Maynard said this week that he is looking to step back inside the octagon by July after an extended period of absence from competition.

Maynard, speaking via sources said:

“After the Nate bout, I took some time off and I did some testing on my head, obviously, just to check that everything was alright. To be honest, the day after and even a couple of days after, I didn’t have headaches, I wasn’t hurting. Just a couple of scrapes. But then people who were close to me, Dana [White], the Fertittas, they wanted me to get checked out…It’s just kind of weird, the last two bouts I just kind of got clipped. I can’t explain it. My head wasn’t all the way there, and that’s a big part of it. I was concentrating on a game plan, and trying to do all this stuff, and it’s just not how I compete. The punch that you aren’t prepared for, the one that you don’t see, is the one that clips you. They wanted me to get checked out, so I flew out to South Dakota where they perform impact brain tests.”

“Last year was the worst year of my life. No wonder they don’t have the 13th floor in buildings. 13 sucks. I hate it. It was a tough year. There was a lot going on, the losses, my dogs died… we had a new baby, but the baby was born in 2012. If she was born in 2013, I wouldn’t be able to call it the worst year of my life. But she was born in 2012, so 2013 was the worst year of my life. Just a crazy year, so it was good to get it done with and start a new year.”

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