Georges St-Pierre: Josh Koscheck is third in trash-talking behind Hardy and Penn

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre has dismissed the trash-talking of current number one contender, Josh Koscheck, saying the American Kickboxing Academy star can get in line behind Dan Hardy and BJ Penn.

GSP, speaking via, said:

“The top trash talker, one of the best was Dan Hardy, because he was smart. He’s a very clever guy and he was very good trash-talking. Even if I was allowed to speak French in a trash-talk war with him, I would’ve never won. He’s very good at it. I’d say BJ Penn was a good trash-talker, not because what he said was smart, but because he attacked me on a personal point, saying I take steroids and stuff like that, which is very bad to say that because now you go beyond the promotion of fighting to attacking the guy personally. And Koscheck? I would say he’s not as clever as Dan Hardy, but not as bad as BJ Penn, either. I would put him third.

“It’s always the same thing in every fight. Some guys try to trash talk more than others. He’s not the biggest trash talker I ever fought but he’s pretty good. I have to give it to him, he’s one of the best, one of the most arrogant guys. I’d say he’s in the top three most arrogant guys I’ve fought and it’s good, it makes me very motivated. But I’m always motivated. I love my job. I love what I do.”

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