Georges St. Pierre: “I might for a little bit hold two titles at the same time”

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre reveals his plans to eventually hold two titles simultaneously inside the octagon. Then, once he decides he’s going to stay at 185-pounds for good, he’ll give up the 170-pound strap.

GSP, speaking to Joe Rogan on Ultimate Insider, said:

“I plan to do it at one point in my career. The problem is not to go up. The problem is to go back down after. And it’s not good to play with your health because when you gain weight and you jump another weight class, the reaction time is different. The reaction time for a fighter is very important. You have the reaction time and the reset time. And this thing, when you add weight to yourself and you change weight class it changes, according to the weight class. So that’s the problem. I want to make sure I’ve done everything I had to do in my division before I go up, because once I go up, I might for a little bit hold two titles at the same time, but as soon I’m going to go up and take care of business when I’m up, I’m going to let go of my other title.”

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