George St.Pierre Talks About Diaz vs. Silva Rematch

George St-Pierre has faced Nick Diaz before and knows him and his fighting style well. St-Pierre defeated Diaz in 2013 while defending his UFC welterweight title.

Diaz is known for a style where he walks forward constantly, peppers an opponent with punches in bunches and loves to trash talk even during the middle of an exchange. Heres what St.Pierre said about Diaz’s upcoming rematch against Anderson Silva:

“If it’s five rounds, Diaz is a very durable fighter. I’ve seen him in very bad positions and he’s in a lot of trouble and he’s very, very hard to finish. Maybe it happened, but I didn’t remember seeing a guy finishing Nick Diaz. He’s very durable,”So the way I see this fight going and now they are fighting in Anderson Silva’s weight class, which I believe Diaz made a mistake accepting that fight at 185. I think he should have made it a catchweight, it would have been more fair. I believe in the early part of the fight, Silva will have an advantage. If Diaz can survive and weather the storm, I believe he can come back at the end in the last part of the fight like the fourth and the fifth round. He brings a different intensity that you’ve never seen before. You feel like you’re claustrophobic and you lose a lot of energy because he’s constantly pushing you forward and it’s very hard to fight a guy like him. Especially in the later rounds,He said a lot of things. He’s a very, very smart fighter. Behind his image and the character that he is, he’s very smart. My game plan when I fought him was to not fall into this. If I would have fallen into it and got into a slugfest with him, it would have been his fight. I would have fought his fight and he’d probably win. He’s the best at that kind of fight. I believe that Diaz is very good in boxing. I believe a lot of his training is pure boxing. He’s probably the best boxer in mixed martial arts,If you make the fight a boxing fight, I believe he’s going to win.”

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