Genki Sudo Organizing A Jui Jitsu Tournament In A Temple

Genki Sudo may not be in the ring himself these days but he is still keeping busy. According to sources he is moving into a new venture in the area of Jiu Jitsu/ grappling.

According to sources, Sudo is launching a new Jiu Jitsu/ grappling tournament named IKKIUCHI:

“Now comes news of Sudo’s new personally conceived and produced project called IKKIUCHI, or 1-to-1 combat. It is a jiujitsu competition that will welcome all martial arts practitioners to compete one on one in front of the public, a harkening back to the traditional systems passed down in Japan that have always celebrated such romantic contests as a way to prove oneself.

Rules will be “Ikkiuchi” jiujitsu rules of a five minute round and a 3 minute extension if no finish.

The event will be held in the Zenryuji Temple in Adachi on the evening of August 24, 2014. It is a beautiful setting and an interesting choice. Athletes both pro and amateur are being considered, but no prize money will be paid.”

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