Gegard Mousasi vs. Jarome Le Banner at Dynamite!! Strikeforce Feb vs. Mike Kyle

Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, former DREAM middleweight champion, and current DREAM light heavyweight champion, Gegard Mousasi has revealed that he’s accepted a fight with legendary K-1 kickboxer, Jerome Le Banner for this year’s DREAM Dynamite!! on New Year’s Eve in Japan and also reveals he will face Mike Kyle in Stirkeforce in February.

Mousasi, speaking via, said:

“I don’t know if I’m fighting him yet. They haven’t confirmed. They asked me, and I said yes, so now if he said yes, the fight is on.”

“If I fight Jerome LeBanner in the U.S., [he] wouldn’t be considered a good MMA fighter,” Mousasi said. “But in Europe because he’s a popular K-1 fighter, it’s fighting a big fight. It doesn’t matter if it’s MMA or K-1, so it’s good for me (and) my name in Europe if I could beat him. And he’s big and strong, so it’s a challenge for me to get him down. I know that once I can get him down, I can win. But that’s the challenge.”

“It’s too short a time to put a lot of weight on, so maybe two or three kilos more, but that’s it. But I don’t consider weight to be that big of a deal. As long as my technique is better, it will make up for his strength.”

“February. I’m fighting Mike Kyle in Strikeforce. February – that’s what I heard. Maybe I get another [opponent]. But that’s the fight that they want. He’s a tough opponent. He’s already beat the champion (Rafael Cavalcante). But I don’t know for sure that I’m fighting him, but most likely it’s going to be him.

“I’m going to train a little like (UFC welterweight champ) Georges St-Pierre (with) wrestling, jiu-jitsu, judo and kickboxing and then put them all together in my own gym where I train. I’m train to improve myself in all aspects, not just one area.”

“I’m a standup fighter, but when I see all my fights, I finish them on the ground. My best strength is ground and pound, so I want to always be on top. If I want to have the advantage with my ground and pound and control, I need to be a good wrestler to take them down and be in top position. Even if I don’t fight a wrestler, I’m going to improve my wrestling because I want to be the guy that takes them down.”

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