Gabe Ruediger gets another shot in the UFC after being worked by Joe Lauzon

Gabe Ruediger will get another chance at making a career inside the octagon after getting overwhelmed by Joe Lauzon at UFC 118 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Gabe, speaking via his official blog site, said:

“Well, I fought Joe Lauzon and lost. I didnt just lose, I lost without even really getting to fight. Joe over whelmed me and I never was able to start, Congratulations to him. I felt fine going into the fight. My weight cut was the easiest ever and I had a great group to corner Joe came out hard and kept the pressure on me. After some of the shots he landed, I honestly have no idea what happened or what was going on. I know I was armbarred, but I dont know which arm or why I tapped, because my arm feels fine.”

“I took this fight with 2 weeks to prepare and I truly felt that I would be ready. Would it have been different with a full camp? Ill probably never know. I am very disappointed with my performance and have a LOT to work on when I get home. I spoke with Joe Silva from the UFC and he told me I would have at least one more chance and next time I would have the proper time to prepare. For that I am happy, but I still cant believe how bad that fight was for me.”

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