Further details about the CSAC’s case against Chael Sonnen; Appeal tomorrow

A one hundred page document has been produced by the California State Athletic Commission ahead of tomorrow’s appeal by former UFC middleweight title contender, Chael Sonnen for taking banned substances before his bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 117 back in August, something they hope will bury the fighter up to his neck in the cold hard facts.

This from MMAFighting.com:

“Over 100 pages of documents recently released by the CSAC give a clearer picture of the commission’s contention that Sonnen cheated. According to the documents, on Aug. 6 — the day of his drug test — Sonnen admitted to event supervisor Frank Munoz that he had taken testosterone as recently as the day before. In fact, Sonnen listed the substance on a section of the urine sample form in which the party to be tested is asked to divulge any medications or substances he has taken in recent days, including vitamins or minerals. On the forms, the 33-year-old Sonnen listed “1 shot” of testosterone, which he stated he took on Aug. 5, just two days before his title match with Silva.

On a separate page, he also listed ingestion of 6 Advils, 1 tablet of Vitamin C, 1 tablet of Iron, 1 “Multivitamine” [sic] and 1 “Asprin” [sic] as substances he had taken in the preceding three days. Sonnen signed the forms under penalty of perjury. The next day, he went on to lose his title match in heartbreaking fashion. According to CSAC time lines, Sonnen’s urine sample was sent to the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, received on Aug. 10 and testing procedures began on Aug. 13.

On Sept. 2, the lab informed the CSAC that Sonnen’s testosterone to epitestosterone ratio (T/E) tested at 16.9. Though testosterone is naturally occurring in the human body, that number is well above the T/E threshold ratio of 4.0. A follow-up carbon isotope analysis was conducted on Sept. 7, with the finding that the test results were consistent with the administration of a steroid. The lab subsequently sent the CSAC 66 pages of documentation with the intent of scientifically supporting their findings, establishing chain of custody of the specimen and proving the sample’s integrity was maintained throughout the process.

On Sept. 16, Sonnen was sent notice of his results, suspended one year and fined $2,500. That penalty effectively knocked him out of a planned rematch with Silva.”

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