Full Metal Dojo 3 Results & Recap

Amateur Fights
First fight started with a Bantamweight bout between 2 Thai fighters, Wazin “Jungle Boy” Hemhongsa out of Souls of Siam and Luu out of Legacy Gym in Ubon Ratchathani. Both fighters are going to make their pro debut in 2015. Both showed tremendously strong striking skills, with Luu making a display of kicking, one of which landed on Wazin’s head and earned him the victory via referee stoppage in the first round.

The second fight two very experienced amateurs faced off, Team Quest Thailand’s Cole Smith from Canada (3-1 amateur) and Tiger Muay Thai’s Ali Motamed from Iran (5-0 amateur). Unfazed by Ali’s initial kicks, Cole wasted no time in taking Ali down, and landed some knees while keeping him pinned down. Ali was quick to get back to his feet though, only for Cole to take him down a second time and rain punches towards the end of round 1.

In round 2, Ali took to his strengths in striking and landed high kicks to Cole’s head. However, Cole got him in a clinch and an attempted yet another takedown. Ali reversed Cole, and the game, and submitted him with a rear naked choke.

Professional Fights – Prelims
The professional fights kicked off with a strawweight bout between Thai fighter Athit “The Sun” Machungoen of Judo Dojo and Filipino Jhaymie Gayman of Fight Corps Philippines with both fighters making their pro debut. Jhaymie went straight for takedowns and nailed his second try. Jhaymie then displayed some ground and pound action and got the ref’s stoppage in the first round.

The next fight was a flyweight bout between American Alex Schild from Tiger Muay Thai (1-0) and Indian Susovan Ghosh from Evolution MMA (1-1). Alex proved to be a well-rounded fighter by starting off with a couple of high kicks which sent Susovan to the ground. This opened an opportunity for Alex to pin him and throw down a series of punches, beating him via referee stoppage and TKO in round 1.

The next flyweight bout was between Thai fighters Kritsada “Dream Man” Kongsrichai of Chumporn Wrestling and MMA (0-1) and Manaschai “Lee.O” Promswad fighting out of RTech (0-1). Kritsada kicked first but Lee O responded with a takedown. Kritsada quickly reversed him and sunk the rear naked choke, and Lee O ended up leaving the cage with a neck brace.

Pongsiri “Piak” Mitsatit from Team Quest Thailand (2-0) and Payoongsak “Nut” Singchalad of Shingi Dojo making his debut met at strawweight. Nut wasted no time in taking Piak down twice, making a strong showing for his pro debut. Piak managed to get up and throw punches, but Nut got him down twice more, and landed strikes on the ground. Piak reversed with his own ground and pound, dominating Nut for the rest of the first round.

In round 2, Nut again responded to Piak’s punches with a takedown. Piak managed to get to his feet and land a couple of knees on Nut, but Nut went for a takedown again. Piak reversed and pounded until Nut managed to get to his feet. But Piak went on the offensive, taking Nut down and following up with quick kicks and punches till the end of round 2.

In round 3, more kicks were exchanged by both fighters. Nut got the takedown and struck, but Piak again reversed him and returned the punches. Nut got to his feet but fell backwards which gave Piak an opportunity to deliver some kicks at him. Nut ended round 3 with a final take down and some ground and pound action. Piak won by unanimous decision.

Piak is obviously a very strong fighter with excellent striking skills and tremendous endurance. A friend of Piak’s revealed that he’d watched Piak fight three times in one day in Chiang Mai. In the first fight, Piak got cut on his forehead, got a few stitches, and still went on to fight the second and third fight .

Courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com
Courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com

Main card
The first fight on the main card was a bantamweight scrap between American Emilio Urratia from Juggernaut Fight C;ub /Tiger Muay Thai and Pakistani Uloomi Kareem Hashim of Pak MMA/ Team Diesel Diva. Emilio responded to Uloomi’s kicks with a take down, and went straight for an attempt at an armbar. Uloomi managed to get to his feet and threw some knees at Emilio. Both fighters followed up with a series of punches and Uloomi ended round 1 by delivering a knee and a hook to Emilio’s face.
In round 2, Emilio showed he was adept at takedowns as he was at striking, and defended Uloomi’s flying kick with a heavy punch. Uloomi attempted a takedown but failed and Emilio continued to defend with his jabs to end round 2.

In round 3, Uloomi was obviously winded, so Emilio got him against the cage and delivered some knees, then they spent most of the third round exchanging punches. When Uloomi tried to kick him, Emilio grabbed it for a take down, but Uloomi managed to get to his feet. Emilio then went on the offensive with some high kicks. Emilio clearly displayed cage control throughout the 3 rounds and defeated Uloomi by unanimous decision.

The next bout was between featherweights Tanabadee “Ninjaman” Supparukephusakun of Krabi Martial Arts making his debut and Supat “Nut” Senapol (0-1) of Spiritual Warrior. After an exchange of punches and knees, Nut took Tanabadee down and immobilized him on his back, while raining punches and knees at him. However, the pro debutante would not be dominated for long and reversed the position, responding with punches in return. Nut was clearly stronger on the ground and had Tanabadee on his back again before ending round 1 with more knees and punches.

In round 2, Nut again did a take down then delivered some kicks on the ground. Nut’s second takedown and follow up action in round 2 was pretty much a display of his ground and pound. Tanabadee proved to be resilient with a reversal, but Nut still dominated with his ground skills and ended the fight with referee stoppage/TKO after delivering a series of punches.

A lightweight bout between Lebanese Youssef Wehbe from Phuket Top Team and Swedish fighter Dimitri Honjakovs from Legacy gym was third. Youssef was on the Arab MMA reality show while Dimitri was making his pro debut with an amateur record of 2-0. Youssef managed a takedown about 45 seconds into the fight, in response to Dimitri’s initial punches and kicks. When Dimitri managed to get to his feet for a short while, Youssef did another take down and pinned Dimitri down whilst delivering knees to his head. Youssef ended round 1 with strong ground skills displayed.

In round 2, Youssef went for another take down and was unfazed when Dimitri threw a kick to Youssef’s head while on his back. Dimitri displayed control and managed to turn Youssef around but Youssef got the fight to the ground again. And again with much control, Dimitri managed to dominate Youssef again and finished round 2 with a powerful knee on the ground.

In round 3, Youssef predictably went for a takedown but Dimitri managed to stuff it and attempted a choke from which Youssef managed to break free. He then got Dimitri against the cage but Dimitri reversed him. Dimitri delivered a powerful elbow which cut Youssef’s eye whist the latter was on his back. The referee called for a 5 minute break for the doctor to check it. The doctor stopped the fight due to the injury.

The next featherweight bout was between Cambodian Sor Sey from A-fighter and Thai Komrid Hambenjapong from Raw BJJ. Komrid is obviously a home ground favourite with the crowd cheering him on during his walkout and throughout the fight. Komrid started with a takedown which followed quickly with punches and knees; he dominated Sor Sey with some ground and pound action. Sor Sey managed to get himself up but the game went quickly back to the ground again with Sor Sey delivering punches and knees at Komrid. Komrid still displayed much stronger ground skills and reversed, pounding to end round 1.

In round 2, Komrid again went for a takedown followed by more ground and pound, then went for a rear naked choke. Sor Sey escaped and tried to get up, Komrid took him back down with more ground and pound. Sor Sey was clearly gassed and Komrid took the opportunity for another takedown and ended round 2 with more punches.

In round 3, predictably, Komrid went for yet another takedown followed by some knees and punches. Komrid attempted a rear naked choke twice but failed, preferring to get back on top of Sor Sey to deliver more punches instead. Komrid defeated Sor Sey by unanimous decision.

Another featherweight bout, Malaysian Hisyam Sams of Borneo Tribal Squad made his debut against Thai fighter Thossawat Akkhanithin (1-0).
The fight very quickly took to the ground with Hisyam Sams dominating Thossawat with an attempted triangle followed by punches. Thossawat quickly tapped out in round 1.

Siwa “Mike” Konthieng (2-1) from Lanna MMA in Chiang Mai fought next in another featherweight bout, facing Chatmongkhon “Noom” Simma (3-3) from Legacy Gym in Ubon Rachathani.
Both are familiar faces to Full Metal Dojo fans and come with strong striking skills. Siwa made an attempt at takedown but it was stuffed. Noom responded with a elbow to Siwa’s nose within the second minute and won via TKO in round 1.

Finally the main event kicked off with a catchweight bought between American Dylan Fussell (2-1) from Team Quest Thailand and Baz Mohammad Mubariz (4-2) from Afghanistan, fighting out of Team Diesel Diva/Phuket Top Team.

Baz clearly commanded a lot of attention with ensuing applause from the audience after a display of pomp and pageantry during his walkout. True to Baz’ martial arts base of wrestling, he started the fight by taking Dylan down. Although Dylan put up a good defense , Baz had Dylan pinned against the cage and followed swiftly with some knees and punches. Throughout the round, Dylan responded to Baz’ wrestling with a strong defense, and managed to take Baz down by the end of round 1. Though Baz recovered quickly to get to his feet, he was clearly taken aback by Dylan’s response and Dylan took that opportunity to end round 1 with a powerful jab to Baz’ face.
In round 2, Baz again attempted another takedown off of Dylan’s kick. Yet again, Dylan’s impressive defensive skills managed to get himself back on his feet to fight his fight with a series of knees and elbows in the clinch. Baz attempted another take down but Dylan broke free to standing, this time delivering even more knees and punches at Baz, ending round 2. When Baz was not able to come out of his corner for the third, the referee made the decision to not continue, and gave Dylan the victory.

Full Metal Dojo 3
November 21, 2014
Bangkok, Thailand
Pro fights – main card
Dylan “The Muscle” Fussell defeats Baz Mohammad Mubariz, TKO, retirement, rd 2, 5:00
Chatmongkhon “Noom” Simma defeats Siwa “Mike” Konthieng by TKO, rd 1
Hisyam Sams defeats Thossawat Akkhanithin by Submission, rd 1
Komrid Hambenjapong defeats Sor Sey by UD
Dimitri Homjakovs defeats Youssef Wehbe by TKO, doctor stoppage, rd 3
Supat “Nut” Senapol defeats Tanabadee “Ninjaman” Supparukephusakun by TKO, rd 2
Emilio Urratia defeats Uloomi Kareem Hashim by UD
Pro fights – Prelims
Pongsiri “Piak” Mitsatit defeated Payoongsak “Nut” Singchalad by UD
Kritsada “Dream Man” Kongsrichai defeats Manaschai “Lee.O” Promswad by Submission, RNC, rd 1
Alex Schild defeats Susovan Ghosh by TKO, rd 1
Jhaymie Gayman defeats Athit “The Sun” Machungoen by TKO, rd 1
Amateur Fights
Ali Motamed defeats Cole Smith by Submission, RNC, rd 2
Luu defeats Wazin “Jungle Boy” Hemhongsa by TKO, rd 1
Tanabadee “Ninjaman” Supparukephusakun (Pro Debut Krabi Martial Arts) – 65.4kg Vs Supat “Nut” Senapol (0-1 Spiritual Warrior) – 65.5kg
Featherweight 145lbs / 65.7kgs
Siwa “Mike” Konthieng (2-1 Lanna MMA) – 64.9kg Vs Chatmongkhon “Noom” Simma (3-3 Legacy Gym) – 64kg
Featherweight 145lbs / 65.7kgs
Hisyam Sams (Malaysia – Pro Debut Borneo Tribal Squad) – 65.1kg. VS Thossawat Akkhanithin (thailand) – 64.2kg
Lightweight 155lbs / 70.3kgs
Youssef Wehbe (Lebanon – Pro Debut Phuket Top Team) – 72.2kg. Vs. Dimitri Homjakovs (Sweden – 2-0 Legacy Gym) – 71.4kg
Catchweight at 163.1lbs / 74kg
Dylan “The Muscle” Fussell (America – 2-1 Team Quest) – 74kgm VS Baz Mohammad Mubariz (Afghanistan – 4-2 Diesel Diva/Phuket Top Team) – 74.5kg

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