Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn for lightweight title in August

Newly crowned UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar will likely step back into the octagon against former champion, B.J. Penn for an immediate rematch.

According to, sources close to both fighters have revealed that UFC officials have approached them for the fight.

Penn, speaking on Opie and Anthony today, said:

“Two days ago I was just sitting there and I was like ‘Let’s give the UFC a call’, throw me in there with any top contender I want do this in the next six weeks. The UFC called us and said ‘No, we want a straight rematch. It was a controversial fight’. We actually landed more strikes, we did more things when they went in and looked at the compustrike or whatever and that’s the fight that they really want. They want to put us straight back in the ring against each other.”

“I think they want to shoot for somewhere around August. I wanted to get in the ring and be a little more active but what can I complain about? I’m going to get the belt back.”

Edgar, speaking on Sherdog Radio Network this week, said:

“If anybody’s earned a rematch, it’s B.J.. He’s a legend at 155. I’m ready for it if that’s definitely going to happen. I’m the champion. I don’t get to pick who I fight; they tell me who I fight.”

“It was definitely was a close fight, but I truly do feel I won. There’s going to be people that think one way and people that think the other, but all three judges felt I won.”

“Honestly, I’d like a little bit more time. My wife’s due (with a second son) in mid to late June. And again, I want to improve, I want be different every fight. I want to be ready. I know if I get a rematch, B.J.’s going to be coming better than ever, so I want to be able to make sure that I can too, for me and the fans.”

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