Frank Mir’s Camp: “We believe Mir is going to be the guy to knock out Brock Lesnar”

Georges St. Pierre, Freddie Roach and the training camp of former UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mir believes he is undoubtatably the man to knock out current UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar especially after watching footage from UFC 116 this past Saturday night. But it’s not just him, ask Georges St. Pierre and Freddie Roach as well.

Mir’s head trainer, Jimmy Gifford, speaking via the Las Vegas Sun, said:

“We believe Mir is going to be the guy to knock out Brock Lesnar. Me, GSP, Freddie Roach — we all agreed Mir can do it. We see holes in his game we know we can expose. If you’re asking me who would Frank Mir want to fight right now, it’s Brock. He’d love to fight him. Realistically, that’s not going to happen so we want that Nog fight.”

“Right now, he’s at 252 and his best fighting weight is between 240 and 245 pounds. He’s not going to stay at 265 to fight Brock again. Mir learned a lot over the last couple of fights, and I think the easiest thing to learn is you’re not going to move immovable objects. So we better find another way.”

“I think he’s cooled down a little bit. It’s personal to an extent, but it’s more about business now. He wants to beat this guy. They don’t stand for the same things, that’s obvious, but I don’t know if it’s about good vs. evil. In Mir’s mind, it’s about martial arts vs. this big gorilla who really is just a big gorilla.”

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