FOX Legal Rep Says Jones Will Likely See At Least 2 Years In Jail

Fox Sports’ Legal Representative gave his opinion on what Jon Jones’ legal future may hold. While he says the next step is prosecution he believes it will be likely that Jones will get at least two years of jail time. Heres what the Rep had to say:

Well really, the next step is up to the prosecution. They have to decide whether to go in front of the grand jury and get the indictment. But given that it seems clear what this guy did and that there are so many witnesses to it, I think it’s inevitable there will be an indictment. What could be happening is his lawyers trying to get a plea bargain from the prosecutors.”

“I think it’s unlikely [his past drug use is brought up against him] because he’s never been convicted of a felony in the past.”

“I think he’ll get three years. Now, the judge could knock it down to two due to mitigating circumstances. But, in order for that to happen, he has to show that when he left the crime he didn’t think there was any reason why there would be a serious injury. Considering he knocked a victims car into another car, that’s going to be pretty difficult to do.”

“I would suggest that he try to get a plea bargain for as few years as possible. Maybe a year, year and a half. And I would try to get him to stress whatever reasons he has for trying to say ‘Hey I left the scene because I just didn’t think there was a big deal here’.”

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