Former Ultimate Fighter Winner Mac Danzig Retiring From MMA

Former Ultimate Fighter winner and MMA veteran since 2001, Mac Danzig has officially ended his career and announced his retirement in a public statement late Tuesday evening. Danzig has been with the UFC since winning the reality show in 2007, and went on to amass a 5-8 record inside the Octagon with four post fight bonuses to his credit as well including three ‘Fight of the Night’ awards.

Here is his full statement:

“After 13 years of competing in MMA, and 7 years of competing in the world’??s premiere high-level organizations, I have finally decided to retire from professional fighting,” Danzig wrote. “This decision has been a long time coming, spawned by a myriad of reasons (I’??ll touch on just a few here), and should come as no real surprise to most of you who have followed my career closely. Working for the UFC over the past 7 years has been a spectacular privilege, for which I am truly grateful. During dark times, even when some fans began to write me off, Joe Silva looked at my record for what it really was, not simply a numbers game, and continued to give me the opportunity to fight on the world stage for the best organization out there. This has been an awesome lesson in perseverance for me. The competition level that I reached is far beyond what I ever imagined being able to do when I first set out to be a fighter in the year 2000,” Danzig said. “That being said, in hindsight, my enthusiasm and motivation for competition definitely reached it’??s peak around 2008 (after 7 years prior of toiling in the minor professional leagues) and it’??s been an uphill battle ever since. Really, the only physical cue for me to step back from competition came last year, when I began to suffer repeated concussions in training, leading up to what would end up being my first ever actual knockout loss, in July,” Danzig said. “After that, my ability to take hard strikes in training without losing consciousness began to deteriorate rapidly. After 14 years of training and taking shots like a champ, my brain was finally telling me to chill out. I was never the type of fighter to ‘??train stupid’?, but sparring was always something I partook in at full throttle. I truly feel that the damage was done in the gym over the past decade, and hundreds of hard sparring sessions have accumulated, leading me to the situation I find myself in now. Certainly, some of my performances throughout the years in which I had fallen short can be directly attributed to the idea that I ‘??left it all in the gym.’? I would like to serve as an example for the up and coming fighters of the world and hopefully encourage smarter training practices that include less sustained trauma in training camp, leading to a longer, healthier career and better performances in the ring.”

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