Floyd Mayweather Sr. training BJ Penn for UFC 127 fight with Jon Fitch

Former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion, BJ Penn has been working with legendary boxing trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr. to improve his stand-up game over the past week, and the fifty-eight year old, Mayweather is very unimpressed with what he’s seen from “The Prodigy” thus far.

Mayweather, speaking via FightHype.com, said:

“BJ Penn is a cool dude man. I’ll be honest, at first, it didn’t seem like he could fight that good. I mean, I don’t know about his ground game and all of that stuff, but he’s got some pop and in just the 3 days I’ve been working with him, he has improved man. In his words, man, he told me, ‘I ain’t never seen some of this stuff you’re showing me man.’ And that’s only after 3 days. BJ is learning fast man. He’s a good guy…If BJ throws his shots the way I got him throwing his shots, he will win. See, those guys throwing shots different than the way we do it, so I’m teaching BJ how to keep it standing and be effective. Let me tell you something man, if he uses it, then it will work.”

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